The Framework for recovery-oriented practice is structured into domains that reflect key fields of recovery-oriented practice. There is some overlap between the different domains, which are intended to be used concurrently to inform the ongoing provision of mental health care. The order of the domains does not reflect their importance.

Within each domain, there are four sections.

  1. Core principles that should govern all practice, decisions and interactions in the provision of mental health care within the relevant domain.
  2. Key capabilities required to enact these core principles including the behaviours, attitudes, skills and knowledge consistent with recovery-oriented practice.
  3. Good practice examples, intended to support individual practitioners to translate principles of recovery into their daily practice. Some examples may be more relevant to clinical settings, while others are more applicable to PDRS staff.
  4. Good leadership examples, directed at service leaders and managers, that describe activities and governance structures that could be expected of a recovery-oriented organisation.